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By Train: Palinuro Bed & Breakfast is easily reacheble from Pisciotta-Palinuro station, and by bus or by car, just five km far, you can reach Palinuro. By car: Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway, going to Battipaglia - to Paestum and then take the S.S.18 (Statal Street n 18) for Agropoli - Vallo della Lucania-Sapri to arrive in Palinuro.

The National Park of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano, resulted of the work combined of the Nature and of the man, it reenters in the category of the evolutionary landscapes, being the result of historical events, social,economical, artistic and spiritual, and reaching his "form" actual in association and answer to his natural environment. It is, today, a living landscape that, also maintain an active role in the contemporary society, preserve the traditional characters that have created it in the organization of the territory, in the plot of the runs, in the structure of the cultivations and in the system of the installations. As the natural kinds in the geographical environments, so different people have found in these places the point of contact, the intersections and the fusions, the enrichment of the genetic patrimony. In the Cilento we can have look at the sea and mountain, Atlantic and East, northern cultures and African cultures. The territory melts people and civilization and preserves the evident traces of it in its distinctive characters: the Nature, the Cultural Patrimony, Archaeological, Architectural, the Territorial order soaked with elements medieval, the alive world of the Traditions. Sets to the center of the Mediterranean it is therefore the Park of it for excellence because of this sea embodies what is the deepest spirit, the wealth in biodiversity, the environmental compenetration, the History synthesis of the meeting of people and different civilization.

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